From heart to heart.
Change a life.

At Fundación Zamna A.C. We work weekly visiting the Mayan Communities of Quintana Roo looking for and supporting the most vulnerable, especially women and children. Your donation will directly support the care of people living in the Mayan Communities by providing adequate meals, basic hygiene products and medical care.

Fundraising for them

These are some of the cases we are working on. Support them for a better future.

Support for our Paralympians

Donate in this petition to support Omar Echeverria (39 years old), the first representative of Mexico in the Paralympic Games who will participate in Tokyo 2021. In the women’s branch we support Lya Daniela Sánchez Tadeo who travels to Prague to compete for her pass to Tokyo. Both athletes born in Quintana Roo participate in the specialty of Adapted Archery.

Support for María Isabel Ciau

We sponsor Maria Isabel Ciau and her family, from the Yax Che community, a special girl. She requires her medication fortnightly to control her epileptic seizures. We also support María Isabel in her dental treatment, which due to her condition, must be performed in Mérida with a specialized anesthesiologist.

Apoyo a las Mujeres Mayas

The main work force for women in the Mayan Communities is sewing and textiles. By donating here you help to acquire sewing materials and threads, new work tools, fabrics such as Italian linen, cotton or maguey, and sewing machines.



Raise funds para que Papá Noel visite esta Navidad a las Comunidades Mayas

Con este donativo Papá Noel irá a diferentes Comunidades Mayas para realizar una carta con las peticiones de los niños y así ellos podrán tener su regalo. Nuestro objetivo es que al menos 100 niños tengan su regalo esta Navidad.




Make a donation

A dollar does not mean the same for you as it does for one of the people we support in the Mayan Communities. With a dollar you help the most disadvantaged people by providing the right meals, basic hygiene products and medical care. Make your contribution and change a life.


Be a volunteer

Are you from Tulum and want to participate with us and visit the Mayan Communities? Make us your proposal, if you have a Gift, something to teach, you are a nurse, etc. Contact us, hands are always needed when it comes to helping.


Share with your friends

Spread the message, spread the love. If you share with a friend and this with another and so on, a chain of people united for the same cause is formed. Can you imagine all the people who can contribute with their grain of sand?


Do you want to know more about our projects and participate in them?

Join our newsletter to find out in which projects we are involved, which are the Communities we are visiting and the new Raise Funds each month.

What our volunteers say about us

“Thanks to the Zamna Foundation, we were able to visit the Mayan Communities and see the real problem from within, the situation is very difficult, they have very few basic resources such as electricity and water and their access to work is very scarce, and large cities are far away. We had an amazing day and were able to deliver books and games to the children and bags of food to the families. Without a doubt a magnificent experience that left us impressed. We encourage everyone to contribute to improve the situation in the Mayan Communities. "
Diego Alvarez
He runs his own company in CDMX
Volunteer since 2021
“During the visit to the communities, we had the opportunity to learn a little about the way of life of the inhabitants. It was really a very enriching experience because we were able to live with the people of Hondzonot, especially with the women who shared a bit of their work with us, because through various artisan activities, they manage to support their families. They invited us to know their sewing workshop, which is their main activity, they make all kinds of handmade garments made by hand and designed by themselves. Besides sewing, they have a baseball team which is one of the ways they coexist with each other in addition to playing sports. The entire community was offered free haircuts, it was very gratifying to see the happy faces of the girls and women who got a new look, also, on the occasion of Children's Day, we brought gifts for the boys and girls and had the opportunity to live and play with them. I think that more people should give themselves the opportunity to get to know and support these causes, because I think it is important to provide help to those who are far from the main tourist areas, who have other problems and needs.
Isabel Delgado
Work in marketing in Playa del Carmen
Volunteer since 2021

What they say about us in the press

Zamna A.C. Foundation

About us

Zamná, son of Hunab Ku, unique God. God of wisdom, god of the sky, night and day; universal spirit of life that stimulates chaos so that there is creation.

Zamná traveled from the east to found and settle in Chichen Itza, this land we love, around 525 AD. He established the seat of government for him and taught his doctrines. “Wise man who named the places and lands of the Mayab, today Yucatán”, and invented the first characters that served as letters to the natives of the region. The importance of this priest as a fruitful creator of the Mayan culture transmits his inspiration, roots and legacy to this day.

He moves us with wisdom. Night and day. The ability to create. Sharing this with our people is our reason for being. We share this form of wealth with those who need it most, the Mayan community. And it is because we have a place of origin; Quintana Roo, Mexico. But our people are life and every individual who moves through it from the same values. For sharing, for reinventing ourselves, loving and growing together.

Zamna A.C. Foundation makes.

Just as Zamná did almost 1,500 years ago.

Real and permanent support. Step by step, we grow together.

“My name is Omar Echeverria Espinoza, National Selected in Adapted Archery. I have been practicing this sport for more than seven years and training to participate in the Paralympic Games … “

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-08 at 15.54.07

The commitment took place last Monday when Sandy, from Fundación Zamna A.C, gave the wheelchair to Jade’s family, who at only 9 years old suffers from cerebral palsy.


“We are very happy and proud to shed light on this project. We always distinguish ourselves by supporting those most in need. Now is the time to give back to this land the success it has given us. Zamna A.C. Foundation is born in support of the Mayan Community, protectors of this magical land: Tulum. “